After almost five years away from the classroom, I am now officially back! And what’s even better is that I’m back in pre-k! I started the week before Christmas break, but I didn’t get to really dig into my new room until the break started.

The good news is that my room was FULL of stuff! I’m pretty sure I’ve got just about everything Lakeshore sells! The amount of resources (a lot of which had never been opened) is crazy!!

But, there was also some bad news…

The stuff was all just randomly stuck into shelves and cabinets with no rhyme or reason to it (as you can see in the pic below). There was also a lot of really old stuff, damaged stuff, etc., that I just have no need for.  There was even one crate full of files that were so old, they still had transparencies in them! Yikes!!


But, with the help of my lovely assistant (my amazing daughter) and her friend, we got everything cleaned out and organized after three FULL days of work! We also had to get rid of all the purple and zebra. No offense to people who like that decor, but it’s just not my thing!


The shelves definitely look better now, and all of these amazing things I have for my kiddos to use are actually organized so I can find what I’m looking for!


It’s still a work in progress, and I don’t have a lot of “after” pics yet, but they will be coming! For now, I’m just excited to be back in classroom doing what I do best!!


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