I just have to share this…

Winter is usually pretty nonexistent here in north Texas, but we’ve just had a pretty major cold snap that kept us indoors during recess time for almost two weeks! We finally got to go outside, and Mother Nature had created the most glorious leaf pile in the corner of our playground! My kiddos discovered it pretty quickly, and then the fun began! They were running and jumping, laughing and smiling, and shouting “CANNON BALL!!!” as they jumped!! They were tossing leaves up into the air and burying each other in the pile! It was SO much fun to watch them experience one of the pure joys of being a kid!

I think the best part for me was the spontaneity of the whole thing. I couldn’t have created that experience if I’d tried! I guess it just goes to show that sometimes the best parts of our day are the unplanned and kid-generated ones! I wish I didn’t have to cover up their faces so you could see how excited they were!

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