Finding ways to get my kiddos practicing their beginning sound skills and letter writing in a way that is BOTH developmentally appropriate AND communicates to the parents the nature of the activity is always a challenge. I am NOT a worksheet person, so handwriting worksheets and beginning sounds worksheets are just a no-go for me.

The vast majority of the work we do on these skills is done via the play-based curriculum I use. We are constantly practicing letter writing during stations and centers and during out daily routines in ways that are authentic and meaningful. And, we are constantly working on beginning sounds all day long! But… the parents don’t get to see any of that!

In the past, I’ve given my kiddos plain paper and asked them to write a particular letter (We do NOT do letter of the week!) or to draw pictures that start with a particular sound. It’s a developmentally appropriate way to get that practice in, but when they take it home, there’s an immense chance that the parents won’t know what it is or what the goal was.

So… I created these sheets to use. There are still no handwriting lines or pictures to color (They are not worksheets!), and there is plenty of blank space for the kiddos to strut their stuff! Plus, there is one little sentence on each page that lets the parents know what we were working on! It’s the best of both worlds!

If you want to snag a set for yourself, hop on over to Teachers Pay Teachers and get yours today!

Cover Snip


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