Snowman Math Centers

This week is all things snowmen in our class! And our math focus is numeral recognition, so we’ve been playing some fun snowman games during our math station time to help us do just that!

The first one is a Roll & Cover game. These are always favorites with my kiddos! They have fun pictures on them, and my kiddos get to use dice! I’m pretty sure ANY pre-k teacher would agree that prekinders LOVE to use dice! I grabbed some dice and colored discs out of my math manipulatives, and we were all set!


Can you tell that we’ve also been doing some serious work on patterns?? This friend was being VERY careful to select her discs in the right order! (If you look closely, you can tell she’s about to add another green one!)

Helpful Hint: If you have trouble with your kiddos keeping their dice contained when they roll, put your dice into small transparent containers. Have your kiddos shake the container, set it down, and look to see what it landed on. No more dice flying all over the room!!

We’ve also been playing a VERY simple board game to help with numeral recognition, counting, AND one-to-one correspondence. All you need for this one is some small objects to be the game pawns, the game board, and the snowman numeral cards. It’s really very simple. The kids draw a card, identify the numeral, and move their pawn that many spaces. I just pulled out some of my bear counters for this one!

Helpful Hint: I tell my kiddos that they either BOTH win or they BOTH lose because the goal of the game is for everyone to make it safely home! This takes the competitive element away, and avoids tears when one of your kiddos “loses.”

If you want these game for your own classroom, you can get them in my TPT store! Just click on the images below to grab your own set!

Snowman Roll and Cover Snip         Snowmen Board Game Snip

What are your favorite snowman math activities??

Happy teaching!!

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