Flower Shop Dramatic Play Center

This week we’ve started on creating our next dramatic play center! I decided to let the kids play a bigger role in it this time, and it has been SO much fun!! We started on Monday with a vote. We talked about elections a lot before we voted. We learned that in an election, you get to vote for your choice, but the choice with the most votes is the one that wins. We learned that you only get to vote one time so that the election is fair. And, we learned that we have to let others make their choice, even if it’s different than ours.

I also did a LOT of talking about the fact that not everyone will get their choice, and that is OK! If our choice doesn’t win, we don’t need to get upset or be sad or angry, because we’ll probably get to have both of these play centers this year anyway. We were just deciding which one to do right now. (There were still some sad friends at the end of the election, but it didn’t last long, so I was at least happy about that!)

Here’s how our election turned out:


The flower shop won by two votes! So our next step was planning…

On Tuesday we spent some time talking about everything we needed to have a flower shop. My kiddos did a GREAT job of making our list once I got them to understand that a flower shop and a garden are two different things! Here’s the list they came up with:


Then I had to go to work! I rounded up all the supplies and printed all the signs, tags, and forms.


Flower Shop Dramatic Play Center

I’m so excited to take all the pieces to school today so the kids can help me set up the flower shop! Stay tuned for the set-up pics and the after pics!

Happy Teaching!

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