I’m SO excited to share this spring circle time game with you because it combines three of my favorite things: spring themes, circle time, and free stuff! “I Have, Who Has?” is fantastic for practicing just about any skill, but this particular version is all about numbers and counting!


How To Play

The pattern to this game never changes. There is one card that says, “I have the first card.”


It’s always printed in green so even non-readers can tell if they have the first card! Whoever gets this card says, “I have the first card. Who has 1?” The other kiddos look at the picture on the left side of their card to see if they have the picture that shows one thing. In this case, they’re looking at the rain drops.

Spring "I Have, Who Has? Freebie


The kiddo who has this card says, “I have 1. Who has 2?” And the game continues until you get to the last card. The last one always says, “I have 10. That’s the end!” And, the words are always printed in red for those non-readers!

Spring "I Have, Who Has? Freebie


How To Teach It

I’ll be honest, if you don’t spend some time teaching your kiddos how to play this game, all you’re going to get is frustration all the way around. Before I ever just pass out the cards and start playing the games, there are some steps I go through to make sure it will actually work when we do play!


Step #1: Model, model, MODEL!

The very first thing I do is display the whole set of cards where all the kiddos can see them. This could be on a chalk ledge, in the middle of the circle, or spread out on a table. I show them the green words, the red words, the pictures and the numbers. Then I pretend like I’m playing the game all by myself, and I explain everything I’m doing as I go. I’ll do this several times, soliciting help from the kiddos to find the next card as we do it more and more.


Step #2: Coach, coach, COACH!

The next step is to give the kiddos the cards, but literally coach them through every step. I try to give the first and last card to a kiddo who has been getting it when I was modeling how to play. Ask who has the first card, tell her what to say while you’re pointing to each side of her card, and have her echo you. Repeat this for each card until you get to the last one. Gradually decrease how much coaching you do based on how the kiddos are responding. If they don’t need your help, let them do it!


Step #3: Play, play, PLAY!

Once they’ve figured it out and they know the pattern the game follows, pass the cards out and play the game! This is also the point at which I’d make it available in centers for them to play on their own!


I know it seems like a long process for just one game, and honestly, it is if you’re only going to play it one time. But, once you have taught them the pattern, they know it and you don’t have to reteach it. You can use different versions of the game all year long, and they’ll already know how it works!


Get Your FREE Copy

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Spring "I Have, Who Has? Freebie


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Spring "I Have, Who Has? Freebie

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Happy Teaching!


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