Number Pockets

Welcome to Number Pockets!

I am SO excited to share this new resource with you! Developing Number Pockets has been a labor of love over several years, but they are FINALLY ready! Here are the basics of my Number Pockets system!

Number Pockets

What are Number Pockets?

Number Pockets are a collection of games, flash cards, worksheets, record-keeping forms, and fact tests designed to give your kiddos TONS of practice with decomposing numbers and learning addition and subtraction facts. The practice they get will help them master these concepts at the conceptual level in a way that will stick with them for years to come!


Where did Number Pockets come from?

A lady named Kathy Gursky originally developed a system called Family Number Tubs that she very generously shared on her website called The School Bell. Years ago I used her resources with my kinders and firsties, and I absolutely loved them! After returning to first grade for the first time in nine years, I tried to find them again, but the website no longer exists. And the best I can tell, she retired from teaching about 13 years ago.

So… I went on a mission to create something similar to use with my kiddos. Hence, Number Pockets were born!

Although the basic idea is the same, the games and materials are my own original creations. But, I absolutely want to give credit where credit is due for the original idea!

Number Pockets


How do Number Pockets work?

In a nutshell, your kiddos start with the partners of 5. (By “partners” I mean all the pairs of number that add up to five. So… 0 & 5, 1 & 4, 2 & 3.) They work through the different games and activities. The practice the flash cards at school and at home. And, when they think they are ready, they take a quiz over those facts. If they get 18 out of 20 or more correct on two different quizzes, they move up to the 6’s! They keep doing this until they’ve gone all the way to the 17’s and 18’s! When they’ve done that, the will be masters at fact families and decomposing numbers!


How do I know if my kiddos are ready for Number Pockets?

Before you start your kiddos on the Number Pocket system, they need to have a firm grasp on several concepts. First of all, they need to be able count accurately with one-to-one correspondence, and they need to understand that the last number they say tells them how many are in the set. They need to have had LOTS of experiences using manipulatives to join and separate sets. They need to be able to recognize and identify numbers, and they need to be able instantly recognize quantities up to the number they are working with. (This is called “subitizing,” but that’s another post for another day!)

Number Pockets


How do I get started with Number Pockets?

I’m doing a series of posts to walk you through the process! Just use the links below to navigate through all the information. I highly suggest going through them in order to get all the information! Links will go live as each post is added, but for now you can get an idea of what’s coming!

Decomposing Numbers: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Decomposing Numbers: Setting the Foundation in Pre-K

Number Pockets: Getting Started

Number Pockets: Using the Games

Number Pockets: Organization and Record Keeping


What if I have questions about Number Pockets?

Just contact me! You can ALWAYS email me at! You are also more than welcome to message me on Facebook or Instagram! I respond to every question, and I always do my best to do it within 48 hours! I am more than happy to help you however I’m able!


Happy Teaching!


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